The Following

No, not the creepy tv show starring Kevin Bacon (although I know people who know people who are cousins with him twice removed).

I’m talking about the abundance of emails I get advising me that someone with a “blog” of some sort is following me. Even on days when my stats show not one view on my site. Even in the month I took off from blogging to attend to my mother’s death, AND my stats showed almost no activity. No views and no reads.

And there’s something else fishy about these new followers — they are either posting one or two posts with only links selling weird things from foreign countries or, when I click on their blog site, nothing appears.

Is this happening to you?

Is this about

those pesky ads

at the bottom of our blogs?

Hey WordPress–what gives??


  1. elainecanham · March 18, 2014

    I get those people too. They want to motivate me to lose weight or get a job or ‘get in shape’. And yet they obviously haven’t read a word I’ve written. Actually, what confuses me is when the stats say I’ve had views from two visitors in three countries.

  2. Susanne · March 8, 2014

    I’m following your blog.Meaning I get an email if you post something. But I don’t think that you get a notice when I actually read it. Sorry if I don’t take the time to comment every post. They are not easy to comment because they are so deeply and openly felt.
    My dad died on the same day as your mum. But I wasn’t with him then. I really hope it didn’t make a difference to him!
    You wont get a link to my blog now because I’m not logged in at this moment.

    • Going To The Dogs · March 8, 2014

      Thank you Susanne. I’m so sorry about your dad. No matter how old you are, losing a parent puts a hole in your life.

      As far as the strangeness of the stats goes, I don’t have an answer for how that works. Ive asked WP, but haven’t received any answer from them.

      Anyway, I’m very grateful for your comments, and that you took the time to answer as a real person. Wishing you all the best.

      • Susanne · March 16, 2014

        Thank you! Please continue writing and posting. I appreciate your thoughts!

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