Hello, It’s Me.

(Blows kiss to the audience and steps up to the microphone) 

I know everyone says they are so surprised when they win an award like this (gestures to small statuette in hand), but, let’s be honest — I was truly the front runner in this category this year.  Actually for the past five years, but who’s counting? (Fakes a humble laugh).  To be named The Laziest Blogger On WordPress is truly an honor, and I’m so grateful to the academy for even remembering that my blog is still here after five years of inactivity.  (The play off music begins) Well, there’s so much for us to catch up on, and now that I’ve deleted my Facebook account (yeah, a little late on that), I return to the blogosphere, where, as we all know, only the best people are found.  I love you all.  💋💋